American Coast Theater Company

Time in Greater Orange County:

        14 years


        Costa Mesa


       55 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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What's your mission?

As the founding members of American Coast Theater Company in collaboration with Vanguard University, we are committed to producing professional theatre with artistic excellence and high production value. We are also committed to producing works that may inspire hope or self-reflection through the eyes of the characters that struggle with their own humanity. We believe in stories that offer the possibility of enlightenment which can be life changing. Our goal is to produce works from the American and international dramatic canon. We will also nurture the development of new American playwrights.


We are deeply rooted in the artistic traditions of theatre, and we believe in the examination of the human condition as well as the potential for personal and social redemption revealed through thought- provoking story telling.

Is there a story behind American Coast Theater Company's name?

The word American denotes that we want to highlight original works from new American playwrights whenever we get the chance.

What kind of productions could we expect from your organization?

We look forward to bringing musicals and comedy back to the Lyceum Theater. We want to help bring joy back into your lives!

What's your origin story?

ACTC began with founders Susan K. Berkompas and Amick Byram. They wanted to bridge the gap between academic and professional theatre giving VU Theatre Majors a great internship option as well as a chance to be cast in an ACTC show. It also gives the interns the opportunity to work with youth and theatre for young audiences through our American Coast Children's Theatre branch.

How is your organization different today?

We are still primarily a summer theatre company, but we also have a wonderful annual Christmas Cabaret that has really been popular with our audiences. We also have many wonderful VU alumni who are still local that we love to cast in shows.

Outside of your main productions, do you offer other programs for the community?

We also have American Coast Children’s Theatre (ACCT) as part of our summer season. ACTC produces one or two shows in May and June; and ACCT is active in July with two summer day camps that last two weeks each for ages 7-15.

What surprises you the most about producing theatre in your community?

I am always surprised by how many patrons love to see our university shows and who also come back to see our ACTC shows as well. Many of them don’t take a break from theatre. We love that about our loyal patrons.

What is the American Coast Theater Company's short and long term goals?

Short Term Goal: to produce our Christmas Cabaret at full capacity by December of 2020! We can all dream!


Long Term Goal: to obtain a new theater residence in South Orange County. We are getting closer!

How would people get more involved in your organization?

Email if you’d like to volunteer for ACTC or ACCT.

Name one last thing you want people to know about American Coast Theater Company.

We want to bring love, light and laughter into your hearts! Post Covid 19 will be a season of everything polar opposite of quarantine and isolation. We want to bring loved ones together and make them smile!