Ballot Generator

Ballots are due at least one week before your opening night. Sooner is better.

Helpful Tips:

  • The categories of "Overall Production" are automatically added to all ballots. Cast of six or more will also have the category of "Overall Ensemble" added.

  • Artist Type

    • The predefined list is based on the current award categories.

    • Write-in categories will be evaluated at the end of the season to determine the need for additional awards.

    • Reminder- please only use the defined acting categories. The acting categories are not split up by gender. 

    • For large casts with indistinguishable roles, please do not list every cast member under "Actor: Supporting." 

  • Artist Name

    • The name of the artist serving in the position of the coordinating Artist Type. 

  • Artist Role

    • Only for acting categories. This is the name of their character in the play or musical. 

  • Additional People

    • Remember to included Type, Name, and Role (if applicable)

  • Ballots can not be modified after opening.