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What's your mission?

To bring the Classic Musical of Broadway, Opera and the Crooners of the 50's, 60's & 70's to Orange County in addition to providing paid singing engagements to talented professionals who are between major bookings.

Is there a story behind Nancy's Cabaret's name?

Nancy's Cabaret was inspired by a visit to New York City where my husband to be and I visited Ellen's Stardust Cafe. Singers who were between Broadway engagements would sing from tracks while serving food. On the way home, Bob Chesney, suggested Nancy's Cabaret as a business model and name.

What kind of productions could we expect from your organization?

Each production features between four and six performers depending on the audience size. Performances range from 45-60 minutes for each act. The music genres are: Broadway Classics, Crooner Classics and Bel Canto Classics. Bel Canto includes popular arias and well known Italian folk songs.

What's your origin story?

While attending a local community theater (we support several of them) we chatted with a board member about "Dark Sundays" when no revenues were being generated and suggested using Nancy's Cabaret as a fundraising vehicle. Board politics thwarted our plans, but we moved on.

How is your organization different today?

After a brief, pre-Covid series of concerts at the Santa Ana Ebell Club Theater, we began booking Elks Lodges. In 2020 we began a series of monthly Sunday Concerts followed by Dinner at the Baci Italian Restaurant in Huntington Beach where we rotate our three productions.

Outside of your main productions, do you offer other programs for the community?

We offer "mini" productions to clubs and organizations as their entertainment. We also visit Senior Living facilities and screen our professionally produced videos of our shows.

What surprises you the most about producing theatre in your community?

The lack of initiative of Orange County performers. All but a few drive from Los Angeles.

What is your organization's short and long term goals?

Short term is expand our Baci performances on Sundays to local community theaters who are "Dark" and in need a unique fundraising and promotional vehicle. Long term, to brand Nancy's Cabaret as a trusted producer of quality musical entertainment providing performing opportunities to professionals.

How would people get more involved in your organization?

Three ways: One, to experience at least one of our events. Two, to spread the word to professionals who are between engagements that we're always looking for talent and Three, to educate fundraising professionals that Nancy's Cabaret offers a superior alternative to a DJ or other loud music.

Name one last thing you want people to know about Nancy's Cabaret.

When you attend a Nancy's Cabaret event be prepared to dress for the theater and leave the shorts and sandals at home. Our patrons often comment, this is the way people used to dress to attend a concert.


Nancy's Cabaret

Nancy's Cabaret produces live musical reviews featuring Classics from Broadway, Crooners of the 50's, 60's & 70's and Opera/Operaetta.

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