Production Eligibility


In order for a production to be eligible for OCTG Awards consideration...


The producing organization must:

  • Be a registered Organizational Member of OC Theatre Guild.

    • Productions running during a lapse in an organization’s membership will not be eligible for adjudication. 

    • If a participating organization allows its membership to expire, then the productions submitted by that company are no longer eligible in that year.

  • Participate in the voting process for the awards by committing to fill two seats in the Voter pool.

    • The duties of these two seats may be shared between up to three individuals.  

    • At least one Organizational Voter must be approved  by the start of the season.

  • Offer 14 complimentary tickets to Voters over the span of at least six performances. 

    • Providing complimentary companion tickets to Voters is at the discretion of the organization.

  • Complete the application process, and submit the $150.00 fee at least six weeks before the opening performance.

    • Final ballots are due three weeks before the opening performance. Adjustments can be made up to one week before. 

The production must:

  • Have a minimum of six performances over two consecutive weeks.

  • Receive a minimum of eight votes and no more than 14. 

    • Outstanding Production categories are guaranteed to receive the minimum eight votes for eligibility. All other categories must receive a minimum of six votes to be eligible.

    • All Voters are randomly assigned by the OCTG Awards Committee.

  • Be professionally oriented, scripted and publicly presented.

    • The following are not currently eligible at this time: previews, invited dress rehearsals, staged or table readings, workshops, youth theatre productions, student productions, corporate or industrial performances, concerts, benefits, dance presentations, performance art events, unscripted and/or non-repeatable performances, or remounts of previously registered productions.

OC Theatre Guild will publish a preview article for all registered productions along with a weekly list of productions that have earned the title of “OCTG Recommended.”

Producing organizations are not required to submit every production in their season.