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Gregory Cohen


Gregory has been an actor for the past 56 years and a director for the past 45 years. Over those years, he has worked every aspect of theatre - performing in every sort of production from musical comedy to Shakespeare, directing, working every aspect of backstage tech, filling front of house positions and successfully running my own nomadic production company - Fleabitten Productions - for 5 years.
He has worked at various theatres over the years throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties.

Why do you want to serve on the board and what skills, knowledge or abilities do you feel you could offer in this role? 

I believe that intra-theatre cooperation is essential to a healthy theatrical community. The success of one theatre ensures the success of all; and, particularly considering the expense of producing quality theatre, everyone needs support and cooperation.

I am first and foremost a communicator and am very good at defusing tense conversations when necessary. Because of my years of experience, I've seen (and made) my share of mistakes and know many ways to avoid a variety of pitfalls. I also realize that many people have the same or more extensive experience from which I can learn.


Do you have any previous experience that would be relevant to serving on this board?

I've served on a few theatre boards in the past (Huntington Beach Playhouse, Garden Grove Playhouse, etc.) (Yes, I know they're defunct... but that was AFTER I left the boards!) As I've already stated, I've also run a successful production company and, in my non-theatrical life, worked as a manager, so I believe my people skills are an asset.

Any additional information you would like to share? 

Over the years, I've found myself restricting my work to just a few theatres (Long Beach Playhouse, Cabrillo Playhouse, and, most recently, Newport Theatre Arts Center). I miss the days when I was working at even more (Westminster, Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, etc.). This would give me the opportunity to reconnect with the varied production companies that make the OC theatre scene so rich and varied.

Jonathon Lamer

Northern Orange County

I’m a professional actor with over 30 years of experience onstage and as an artistic board member. I’m also a professional theatre adjudicator in the US and Europe. I have a BA in Theatre from Southern Illinois University and have experience in everything from community theatre to professional regional houses. I’ve been in SoCal since 2006 and have performed on numerous stages in LA and Orange County. Thanks for your consideration

Why do you want to serve on the board and what skills, knowledge or abilities do you feel you could offer in this role? 

I think I can bring a fresh set of eyes onto the board, based on my experience here in California and regionally. My experience as an adjudicator and workshop teacher gives me insight into smaller theaters and the struggles to build audiences and maintain quality productions.

Do you have any previous experience that would be relevant to serving on this board?


I was a member of the Artistic Management Committee at Theatre of NOTE in LA for three years.

Any additional information you would like to share?


I am a fervent cheerleader for live theatre and a firm believer in its importance for a healthy and well rounded community.

Abel Marquez

Fullerton/Santa Ana

Abel Marquez (He/Him) is an award winning Latiné California based director, producer, dramaturg, and arts administrator. He has worked on many shows and events in the past, his most recent works include being a director/producer for "Los Bastardos" by Mercy Floresislas at MACLA (San Jose), a director/Community Partner for Center Theatre Group (Los Angeles), and director for The Wayward Artist's "Brown Bodies on a Blue Earth" by Cris Eli Blak (Santa Ana). Abel was the recipient of the SDC Directing Fellow Award and National Finalist before graduating college. Abel has been an Intern/Program Assistant for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (D.C.), working events such as the 50th Anniversary of KCACTF National Festival, Kennedy Center “Arts Summit”, and the Director/Playwright’s Intensive. Abel has received many awards in the past: the KC National Special Achievement in Direction Award, the "Visual and Performing Arts" Award (Citrus College), the "Graduating Titan’s Leaving their Legacy" Award (California State University-Fullerton), and Appreciation Awards for his services to the Kennedy Center. Abel has served as a Grant Selection Panelist for the California Arts Council, as a Coordinator for KCACTF Region 8, and as a mentor for emerging artists. He currently serves his community as a Vice Chair for the KCACTF Region 8 Board, as a Resident Artist for The Wayward Artist (Orange County CA), and Project Manager for University/Resident Theatre Association in New York.

Why do you want to serve on the board and what skills, knowledge or abilities do you feel you could offer in this role? 

I want to join the OCTG Board to better serve the OC theatre community with my skillsets. I've served on theatre boards in the past, and have found ways to contribute as the board needs: utilizing my knowledge of contemporary BIPOC issues, developing land acknowledgements, creating and executing strategic plans for fundraising, and finding personelle who can contribute to shared artistic communities. My knowledge of current theatre events and practices is well-rounded, as I stay connected with my peers and colleagues around the country from my work with the Kennedy Center. I would like to use my abilities as an arts leader, theatre practitioner, and art administrator to further the work OCTG is conducting within the OC community.


Do you have any previous experience that would be relevant to serving on this board?

I have worked with some of the largest regional and national organizations that contribute to the nation's theatre ecosystems. I understand how to work within large organizations to make measurable, accountable, action-based change. I have the capability and track-record of working with large groups, delegating tasks/subcommittees, and letting voices share spaces/experiences/perspectives. As a person of color in a white-dominated field, my work centers on de-constructing the classist structures that thrive in our institutions. I have developed a keen eye for GAP Analysis, as I've entered these large organizations to recognize an organizations current state and compare it with it's mission, values, and goals. This is exemplified in my work with The Kennedy Center (Internship Program; SAB Program, nationally renowned), the California Arts Council, University/Resident Theatre Association, and my home institutions (Citrus College, Cal State Fullerton, The Wayward Artist).

Any additional information you would like to share? 

As a life-long-learner, I honor the vast spectrum of dramatic excellence. It is my belief that all art should be accessible, diverse, and relevant to today. I believe, above all else, my personal experiences are what will make me an essential member of the board.

Lizzy McCabe


Lizzy McCabe is a Stage Director, Actor & Producer based in Orange County CA. She was the recipient of the Female Performer of the Year, the Ester & Vernon Hatch Theatre Arts

Scholarship and The Fine Arts Division Scholarship Awards at Fullerton College in 2017. Later she received her BA in Theatre Arts with a specialization in Directing from CSU Fullerton in 2019. She is currently the Founding Executive Artistic Director and Owner of The Larking House Theatre Company in Anaheim, CA where she works to provide an artistically collaborative and challenging home for emerging artists such as herself. Lizzy has been directing for the stage since 2016 and her productions of Samuel Beckett's "Krapp's Last Tape", Neil Simon’s "California Suite", and Shel Silverstein’s "Smile", all received Best-of-Fest honors at Fullerton College's Annual Director's Festival. Her most recent credits include The Larking House's first installment of their Speakeasy Series, the World Premieres of two original plays: Sustained Release and Parts & Pieces, and A Streetcar Named Desire at Santa Ana College. Producing Credits include: Carmelita Park (2021, Film), "Sustained Release" (2022), "Parts & Pieces" (2023) , & "Weirdo, Or (Make Nice)" (2023)

Why do you want to serve on the board and what skills, knowledge or abilities do you feel you could offer in this role? 

I feel that my presence on the board would strengthen my personal connection to the OC theatre community and could provide the current board with some valuable insight into the plights of some of the smaller theatre companies in the area. I believe deeply in the richness that the Orange County arts scene holds and would love to have a voice in the continued growth and development of theatre SoCal. I I have various skills that I feel would be useful to this organization, including social media content creation, marketing, administrative experience, a heavy background in hospitality and service, and grassroots organizational development experience accrued from building The Larking House during COVID. I have a deep appreciation and stark dedication to the development of new works and would love to see OC become a hub for new plays to get their start. I also would love to provide a voice to the vast community of theatre artists under 30 in this county that are desperately seeking a foothold in this utterly insane and ever changing industry.

Do you have any previous experience that would be relevant to serving on this board?

I feel that my experiences as a founding member of The Larking House and as a former member of the Leadership board for Fullerton College's High School Theatre Fest/Student Ambassadors have provided me a pretty solid foundation to be able to contribute to this board in a positive and progressive way.

Any additional information you would like to share? 

Theatre is not a zero-sum game. I passionately believe that the success of one in this community is the success of all, and the OCTG is a wonderful gateway into a more communal arts experience for artists and audiences alike & I would love to be a part of it.

Lauren McGunigale


Lauren McGunigale is a middle school theater educator as well as a collegiate Fine Arts and Communications professor. Lauren grew up devoted to honing her craft of performing, and is passionate about inspiring and encouraging the next generation to discover their unique gifts and voice in the arts. Through teaching and mentorship, Lauren is able to be a champion for students that may or may not see the value of performing in every day life. Lauren also is a dedicated patron of the Orange County theater scene - including Regional Houses, Community Theater, and even Family/Children's Theater. Her biggest joy, outside of theater, is her family - especially her two-year-old son, who is already exhibiting a love for being the center of attention on stage.

Why do you want to serve on the board and what skills, knowledge or abilities do you feel you could offer in this role? 

As I mentioned in my bio - I am simply just a huge theater lover. I can confidently say I have attended a show from every company in Orange County and love supporting local artists. I have a background in Communications (public speaking, writing, marketing) but am also a person who loves brainstorming and ideation. I think I am valuable on a board, because I am a hard-worker, a person who can communicate effectively, and someone who is a great team-member or team-leader. Whatever is needed from me, I am willing to do! I also think that being a person of color allows me to have a unique and important perspective. I want to do my best to speak up for performers of color and be an advocate in this guild.

Do you have any previous experience that would be relevant to serving on this board?


I am the stereotypical "theater kid" which means I served on Associated Student Body in High School and College. I have extensive experience working on committees as I'm always seeking ways to lend a helping hand at the middle school in which I'm currently employed. I love being part of something that I believe in - and theater is the thing that changed my life as a young person - so I believe it's tremendously valuable for this next generation as well. Formally, I am part of the Vanguard University Foundation Board, with a specific focus on Fundraising for the Fine Arts (Music + Theater) Program.

Any additional information you would like to share?


I am grateful to the Guild for offering organization and opportunities to performers and patrons in Orange County. I would be honored to be part of something like this, but even if I am not selected, am thrilled to continue supporting the arts in Orange County.

Shinshin Tsai


I'm Shinshin Yuder  Tsai, a Taiwanese-American theater director known for infusing humor into BIPOC-centered narratives and original works. A commitment to collaboration, kindness, and artistic growth within the theater community marks my journey in directing.


I view challenges as stepping stones, continuously expanding my horizons in a quest for self-improvement. Placing others at the forefront and embracing thoughtfulness as my compass is at the core of my approach. Empathy and kindness fuel my leadership, while comedy is a dynamic tool to minimize harm and amplify collaboration.


Leadership, for me, is far more than a title – it embodies compassion and sparks progress. My holistic philosophy toward theater direction creates a space where individuality flourishes within a thriving collective.


Beyond directing, I actively contribute as a Casting Associate at Chance Theater. Additionally, I hold roles as Admins Associate and Associate Director for "The Secret Garden," the Musical. My educational journey is highlighted by the Arts and Learning Conservatory, where I've shared insights and wisdom for years. I was pivotal in pioneering the theater program at "A Place Called Home" in LA, forging connections between budding talents and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF).


My directorial journey spans UCI, Chapman University, STAGEStheater, Long Beach Playhouse, and The Second City - Hollywood. Notable productions like Cowboy vs. Samurai, Almost, Maine, The Hatmaker's Wife, She Kills Monsters, The Pillowman, and Metamorphoses define my portfolio.


In the vibrant tapestry of theater, I orchestrate learning, laughter, and leadership, crafting a mosaic resonating with diverse BIPOC narratives and unrestrained creativity. 

Why do you want to serve on the board and what skills, knowledge or abilities do you feel you could offer in this role? 

I'm thrilled to bring the perspectives of the younger generation to the board. With a directorial background in Orange County, ties to UCI as an alumnus, and my role as Artistic Director and Executive Producer for the AAPI sketch comedy group 'No MSG Added,' I come armed with a distinctive viewpoint.


My passion for theater runs deep, and I'm actively engaged in productions across Orange County and Los Angeles. This commitment reflects my earnest dedication to comprehending and contributing to the evolution of the regional theater landscape.


Through co-founding 'No MSG Added,' I've gained invaluable insights into nurturing creativity within diverse contexts. This experience has cemented my belief in the power of representation and inclusivity within the arts. It's also taught me how to balance ensuring our team's well-being, uplifting our actors, and strategically expanding our ensemble to foster continual growth.


I'm fueled by a vision of a dynamic future for Orange County's theater community, and I aspire to be a significant driving force in its realization. Choosing to establish my career in this region underscores my unwavering commitment to its advancement and cultural enrichment.


In my current role as a casting associate for Chance Theater, I'm deeply embedded in the OC and LA theater circuits. Furthermore, my upcoming activation as an OCTG voter later this year underscores my commitment to staying thoroughly informed about developments in OC.


Joining the board offers a chance to absorb insights from fellow members, share my own experiences, and collectively steer the theater community toward a future that's not only vibrant but also inclusive and dynamic. With this mission, I'm excited to contribute to a more enriching and diverse theater landscape in Orange County.

Do you have any previous experience that would be relevant to serving on this board?


I come to this board with various experiences that align well with the responsibilities. My journey has been marked by heightened emotional awareness and consistently implementing strategies for proactive harm reduction within my roles. Over time, I've witnessed a notable evolution in the dynamics of the actor-director relationship, transitioning from an authoritative stance to one rooted in collaboration. This shift mirrors the guiding compass of compassion that shapes my decision-making.


As a director and artist who identifies as a person of color, I've remained steadfast in my commitment to carving out spaces where representation once lacked. It's my firm belief that a diverse board composition is not just valuable but imperative.


My focus on fostering collaboration and harmony is particularly relevant in today's shifting theater landscape. Rooted in compassion, kindness, and inclusion values, I naturally navigate choices that validate each unique perspective, making them integral to the larger dialogue.


Considering my collective experiences, I've been privileged to direct within the vibrant theater scenes of both Orange County and Los Angeles. This involvement, combined with my role as a casting associate at Chance Theater, has afforded me an intimate connection with the OC and LA theater circuits. Furthermore, my tenure as an educator has allowed me to contribute to the growth and creative development of young talents across Orange County and the Inland Empire.


I'm eager to enrich and expand upon this diverse array of experiences by joining this board. It allows me to advocate more profoundly for a truly welcoming and inclusive environment where every voice is embraced. With a comprehensive background encompassing various theatrical realms, I'm confident in my ability to contribute meaningfully to the board's overarching mission and goals.

Any additional information you would like to share?


The current board members greatly inspire me, and I'm eager to learn from their experiences. My learning thrives when I challenge the norms of my passions. Joining this board would be an honor and a chance to contribute and grow. My roots are firmly in OC, and I'm committed to creating a welcoming home for everyone. I see OCTG consistently enhancing OC's theater community, and I'm keen to play a hands-on role in driving that positive change.

Vincent Washicko

Yorba Linda

Vincent Washicko began his life in the theater as a musical theatre performer and quickly graduated to choreographing which led to directing. As a director his focus rests in finding the truth in the story and working with actors and helping them find honesty in their performances. His acting techniques have foundations in Stanislavski's techniques that he has adapted to contemporary theatre practices. In addition to directing, he studied play analysis and theatrical intimacy extensively during grad school as he is passionate about actors’ safety and wellbeing. His goals include teaching at the collegiate level and furthering his relationship with the community theater scene in Southern California. 

Why do you want to serve on the board and what skills, knowledge or abilities do you feel you could offer in this role? 

I believe I could bring a unique viewpoint to the board as I have been involved in theater in many aspects: actor, director, choreographer, creative director, auditioning, community theater, children’s theater, teacher, and recent MFA graduate. I’ve always been a part of a company or someone’s second in command. I am grateful for those opportunities but with my experience and education I am ready to break out and make my mark. I started performing at 18, and then joined the production staff in various roles: assistant director, assistant choreographer, stage manager, co-director, co-choreographer, and eventually director. I was exposed to various methods and practices amongst many different theatre makers. Some were amazing and others were less. I am not afraid to speak my mind and play devil’s advocate when things need to be addressed. With my recent education, I believe I can help the community become the best it can be. I am really well rounded in the roles I’ve worked in but not connected to the community so much. As an actor, I know the feeling of not getting an email after an audition. Not the disappointment of not getting a callback or a role, but the feeling of “Did I miss an email? Did I put my information down wrong? They said I’d received an email but I didn’t. Should I follow up? Are they going to be annoyed I’m following up? Are they going to be annoyed that I didn't follow up?” This led to me as a director being very specific after auditions and callbacks saying “You will hear from us by THIS DATE.” I always made sure they heard from us by that date. Whether the email said please allow us more time or it was a casting announcement, I never want people that took the time to audition for me to have the feeling I’ve felt countless times. The other thing I’d like to help bring to the community theaters is the idea of a disclosure form. I learned about this practice in my graduate program when taking theatrical intimacy courses and have not seen it in action. I think it is a great tool that helps inform auditioners about what is involved or possibly required in a role and can help them in their decision making. This document can also inform the production team what an actor may or may not be comfortable with. I think the guild could even create generic forms that companies can build off of so not every place is starting from scratch. The fact that I am not directly connected to an organization can be a plus as I am not here on behalf of any one group and am just wanting to help shape the future of theatre in Orange County and make the experience the best it can be for those that are involved or are wanting to get involved.

Do you have any previous experience that would be relevant to serving on this board?


From 2017 to 2023, I was involved with TCARiverside, a children’s community theater company in Riverside, CA. I began as an instructor and eventually was the Creative Director under the Artistic Director Stacee Willis. We had a great working relationship and it really felt like a partnership. We discussed our seasons, events, fundraisers, classes, and community outreach, and took active parts in every aspect of classes and productions: auditions, casting, blocking, choreography, costumes, set design, lighting and sound design, front of house, and were even the backstage crew during show runs. We’d support our students at their schools and other local productions when we could trying to show them what being part of the theatre community means.

Most recently I have been performing with TopHat8Repertory (TH8R) in Tustin, CA. TH8R is a great theater company that has productions for everyone: kids, teens, and adults, with a few productions each year that are all ages. Not only does TH8R provide a great space for all ages, but they also have a live band for all of their non-Junior productions. Last summer I was lucky enough to perform in the SpongeBob Squarepants musical alongside my daughter, an opportunity that does not happen very often.

Any additional information you would like to share?


I’d like to join the board to contribute to a community and industry I love so much. My dream is to teach theatre at the college level and I think being on the board would provide me with experience that would be beneficial to a resume while allowing me to make connections with those in the same field.  Being a recent grad without the experience most jobs are asking for, I’m trying to make as many connections as I can to help me in this career path. I’ve worked in office settings for over 15 years and I would like to move into an academic role and I believe the board can help me achieve this goal. I love to learn and thought what better place to continue my education in the theater than gaining experience with the Guild.I always tell my students before a performance, if you’re nervous or scared, it means you care. And if you don’t care about what you are doing, why do it? I’m practicing this lesson by submitting myself for nomination for the OCTG Board. I believe that I can be a great asset to the OC Theatre Guild and bring something new to the organization. Thank you for the opportunity.

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