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OC Theatre Guild's mission is to nurture, support, and promote live theatre in Greater Orange County. 

OC Theatre Guild was founded in 2015 to address the need for a more united local theatre community. It provided a platform for theatre leaders to discuss business challenges as well as share ideas and season information.

In 2019, OC Theatre Guild organized as an official not-for-profit 501(c)3 to serve our vital artistic community. Our mission is to nurture, support, and promote live theatre in Greater Orange County,  supported by our long held beliefs that theater and performing arts are an essential part of what creates a healthy, passionate and multicultural society, enriching communities and providing opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.  

OC Theatre Guild's strategy is to advocate for our local theatre community while at the same time providing the public with information, access and opportunities relating to live theatre events in Greater Orange County.

We continue to build a membership that reflects the thriving arts scene including all individual theatre artists and theatre organizations of all sizes. In addition to managing and producing the OCTG Theatre Awards, we can offer workshops and panel discussions on topics of concern to the Orange County theatre community, website, Regional Auditions, preview articles for productions submitted to the OCTG Theatre Awards, artists and organization spotlights.

We are committed towards answering the question, "What can we do together that we can't do on our own?"



  • Amanda DeMaio, President (STAGEStheatre)

  • Kristin Campbell, Vice President (Designer)

  • Shinshin Tsai, Secretary (Director)

  • Oanh Nguyen, Treasurer (Chance Theater)

  • Katie Chidester (Project La Femme)

  • Rob Salas (South Coast Repertory)

  • Michael Serna (Costa Mesa Playhouse)

  • Craig Tyrl (The Wayward Artist)


  • Gregory Cohen (Director)

  • Lizzy McCabe (The Larking House)

  • Aung Min (Theatre Artist)

  • Michael Lopez (Cabrillo Playhouse)

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