Laura Lejuwaan

Theatre Artist

Time in Greater OC: 29+ Years

Neighborhood: West Floral Park

Hometown: Whittier, CA

What are you currently working on?

With "live theatre" dark right now due to COVID19, I’ve been taking an acting class with South Coast Repertory's Adult Conservatory called, “Act III: Playing Chekhov.” I’m also auditioning a lot for print, commercial and film right now which is keeping me busy and bettering my skills at auditioning and memorizing lines. I just filmed a commercial and a music video.

What's been inspiring you recently?

Going to see plays, reading plays and watching films. There are so many fascinating characters out there.

Tell us a story from your childhood that illuminates who you are as an artist.

As long as I can remember, I've been interested in the arts - gymnastics, figure skating, photography, drawing, painting, musical instruments, singing, writing, acting…you name it, I did it. I dreamed big as a little girl and told everyone that I was going to have my own show someday called, "The Sunshine Family Hour." Of course that never happened… but there's still time!

What kind of theatre excites you?

I love musicals, but my favorite kinds of theatre are dramatic and comedic plays! I just love arriving to the theatre, getting in my seat with my program and waiting for the LIGHTS! Live theatre never disappoints.

Who are or were your theatrical heroes?

I recently went to see Annette Bening perform a one-woman show called the Ruth Draper Monologues at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. I was so inspired to see her perform this by herself. It took courage and hard work. She inspired me to go after my one-woman show dreams.

What's the craziest thing you have ever needed to do for theatre?

Years ago, I had to direct 80+ elementary children in Hello Dolly and Bye, Bye Birdie. Although the final rewards were great, keeping their attention during rehearsals was crazy hard.

Outside of a theatre, what's your favorite hot spot in Orange County?

Date night with my husband is always fun. At least once a year, we love staying two nights in Laguna Beach with our Bijon Frise, Owen. We walk and eat and walk and eat…!

What surprises you the most about your role in the theatre community?

Community theatre is such a “small” world. I love being a part of it and interacting with so many talented actors.

What advice do you have for theatre artists just starting out in Orange County?

Stay informed about auditions by following local theaters on Facebook and joining audition groups. And audition, audition, audition! Even if you don't get a part, you will gain valuable experience and you never know where an audition can later lead. And remember, auditions are an opportunity to perform which we all love to do.

Go ahead, promote your things...

I am also a professional photographer, specializing in high-res fine art photography for commercial and residential interiors. My collection can be viewed at

Laura Lejuwaan