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What’s the mission of your organization?

Costa Mesa Playhouse has been a staple in the Orange County theater community for more than 50 years. Our 73-seat venue offers diverse, quality live theater in an intimate setting.

Is there a story behind your organization’s name?

Originally named The Costa Mesa Civic Playhouse in 1965. Over the years the name has been simplified and now we're just Costa Mesa Playhouse.

What kind of productions could we expect from your organization?

We're dedicated to delivering engaging, humorous and thought provoking theatre from the best playwrights of the past and present. Our seasons feature modern classics, recent Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winners and compelling contemporary works.

What’s your organization’s origin story?

Costa Mesa's first cultural arts coordinator, the industrious Bette Berg, founded the city’s first Cultural Arts Week, organized a community band, and launched the city’s classes in music, art, bridge, and knitting. The Playhouse grew out of one of these programs.

How is your organization different today?

After starting out in the old Air Base building on the OC Fairgrounds, the Playhouse moved into its current space in the late 1980s. Here it has weathered many ups and downs but continues to deliver great theater.

How would people get more involved with your organization?

Please connect through our website.

Name one last thing you want people to know about your organization.

The Playhouse is dedicated to offering a welcoming environment to actors, singers, dancers and stage craftspeople of Orange County.


Costa Mesa Playhouse

The Playhouse is dedicated to presenting affordable, quality, live theater in a comfortable and intimate setting, and to offering the talented actors, singers, dancers and stage craftspeople of Orange County a welcoming environment in which to practice their craft.

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