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What’s the mission of your organization?

Renaissance Theatre Company is a non-profit, community theatre dedicated to producing professional-quality productions of the Great Works of world theatre and to inspiring local artists. Our audiences are entertained and enlightened by work that is artistically brave, morally responsible, and culturally enriching.

Is there a story behind your organization's name?

RTC seeks to rebirth the classic works of theatre for modern audiences. A theatrical renaissance.

What kind of productions could we expect from your organization?

RTC focuses on the classics -- loosely defined. Either works that are in the non-contemporary genre, works that are more modern but based on older works, or modern works that have already been established in the theatrical canon that we believe they are destined to be meaningful 100 years from now.

What's your organization's origin story?

In 2015, the company was born as Laguna Niguel Community Theatre to bring high-quality, classic theatre to Laguna Niguel using city spaces.

How is your organization different today?

After producing shows in three different south Orange County cities and five different venues, LNCT rebranded as Renaissance Theatre Company to better serve the goal of bringing classic theatre to all of south Orange County -- and beyond.

Outside of your main productions, do you offer other programs for the community?

We have participated in city parades and taught acting classes for both children and adults. our goal is to create a strong education arm of RTC once we have established a permanent home.

What surprises you the most about producing theatre in your community?

We have found that there is great interest in live theatre in our area, but not enough opportunity for South County citizens to engage in it.

What are your organization's short and long term goals?

Short term, RTC seeks to restart after a three year hibernation. To rebuild its patron base and to show artists that RTC is a home for creative and purposeful work.

Long Term, RTC seeks a permanent home, so we can broaden service to our community and provide ongoing seasons of quality work.

How would people get more involved with your organization?

We hold open auditions for all of our shows. Our website has several ways that people can connect and work with our staff and productions.

Name one last thing you want people to know about your organization.

We are a theatre company of integrity. We are true to our word. We are committed to creating a company that values its artists. We are run by a non-profit board that has a passion for live theatre and is motivated to make RTC a long-lasting theatre company of substance.


Renaissance Theatre Company

The Renaissance Theatre Company (RTC) is a theatre company dedicated to producing dramatic art that is artistically brave, morally responsible, and community-minded.

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