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What's your mission?

STAGEStheatre strives to promote appreciation for the theatrical arts by reaching out to our community and by working with local schools and organizations to provide unique educational opportunities and internships for student artists and technicians. STAGEStheatre’s stage is always open for members of the community to become actively involved in theater, at any stage in the process.

Is there a story behind STAGEStheatre's name?

STAGEStheatre is named STAGES because of the many stages in a persons life in which they come to the theatre, and the varying stages of the process and artistic development in which we are able to work with artists. No matter what stage one may be in, there is always a place to express yourself at STAGEStheatre.

What kind of productions could we expect from your organization?

STAGEStheatre is lucky enough to be able to producing eclectic quality entertainment that's carefully selected each season to provide a little something for everyone. Ground-breaking, poignant, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud, good-time, old-school theater. Comedies, drama's, musicals, classics and original plays comprise our year long season.

What's your origin story?

STAGEStheatre, the longest running storefront theatre in the county, was originally formed in 1992 by Brian Kojac. Wanting to use his vast production experience, as well as develop a company where both beginning and experienced theatre artists could work at their craft, Stages was born.

Stages originally opened in a converted industrial space in Northeast Anaheim, with an 18’x 20’ stage and audience capacity of 50. 26 founding members were chosen: a diverse mix of writers, directors, designers and performers.

Within 2 years, the success of Stages expanded the theatre into a second performance space adjacent to the first, which provided even more opportunities and staging possibilities. Adding both prime-time and (becoming the first theatre in Orange County to provide) late-night theatre performances.

By its 5th anniversary, Stages had produced 112 productions (over 90 of them original works) had a company membership of over 50 artists and an ever-increasing and loyal fan-base.

Over the next 5 years, Stages membership was open to all Orange County artists and active members rose to over 70. Press began to be invited to review productions and in 1999, Stages moved from an “underground-Indie profile” to a storefront facility especially designed for theatrical productions in downtown Fullerton, where it is currently located.

In 2004, Stages became STAGEStheatre Inc, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

How is your STAGEStheatre different today?

Today, 20+ years later, STAGEStheatre is still operating on the same principles in which it was started. Primarily a volunteer driven organization, sustained almost entirely by ticket sales.

The Board of Directors is made up of varied community members and professionals from many different backgrounds who have worked together for many years to support STAGEStheatre. We believe in the continued power of story-telling and the importance of supporting local artists and the art of live theatre.

STAGEStheatre is now also one of the only female driven theatres in the county.

Outside of your main productions, do you offer other programs for the community?

The primary focus for STAGEStheatre is to provide quality theatre at affordable prices for our community. Since we focus almost exclusively on the shows in our season and with every show being open for the public to get involved, there are constantly opportunities to intern in anything someone wants to be involved in on stage - and anything administrative or off stage too.

What surprises you the most about producing theatre in your community?

Producing theater in Fullerton, I am constantly inspired by our community of artists, their resiliency and the persistence with which they pursue their art. Many people who come to STAGEStheatre have regular day jobs, and despite what ever they do during the day, at night, they want a place to express themselves. It's pretty amazing that a group of like minded individuals, from all walks of life, can come together to passionately create these shows.

What are your short and long term goals?

Both the short and long term goals for STAGEStheatre remain as they always have: to continue to entertain, enlighten, uplift and strengthen the community through live theatrical performances.

STAGEStheatre continues to build its future on the successes of its past, by always providing a home for local talent, including writers, directors, actors, designers, technicians and stages managers, to experience all areas of a theatrical production outside of a formal educational environment. This allows artists to take chances that might not be available in other venues. We believe this is what helps an artist grow, problem solve and succeed in the theatrical performing arts.

How would people get more involved in your organization?

We’re always looking for volunteers of all kinds! Check our website for details about upcoming auditions. If you’d like to discuss helping out in any other capacity, please visit our volunteer page ( We’ll be back in touch right away to discuss your skills and interests, and how we can work together. Thanks!
Name one last thing you want people to know about STAGEStheatre.
STAGEStheatre (website) is an award-winning, intimate 60-seat venue, providing theatrical performances at affordable prices. We're within walking distance of Fullerton’s beautiful downtown area featuring many exciting restaurants, and post-show night clubs. STAGEStheatre has free parking located right outside its theater, and is handicapped accessible and air-conditioned. The best part is we’re open almost every weekend of the year - so there's always time to see a show and get involved!



STAGEStheatre is consistently evolving to provide artists with a creative environment that offers an eclectic and challenging variety of theatrical opportunities at all "stages" of the process. STAGEStheatre presents every form of theatrical literature, from the classics to world premieres. STAGEStheatre endeavors to merge each literary work with the highest production values and the most passionate performances possible.

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