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What's your mission?

To provide an enjoyable, safe, artistically challenging and collaborative home for emerging artists in our community.

We aim to offer our artists and our audiences a truly rich and creative experience with every project we choose to take on by...

> Fostering unique and unsung ideas
>Championing bold new works
>Building a diverse collective of fresh artistic minds

We hold firm in our investment in emerging theatrical voices.
It is time for the artists of this generation to have their light.
To have their needs met. To be prioritized. To be heard.

What kind of productions could we expect from your organization?

Because we have such a diverse body of artists creating with us, it's safe to say that we're all across the board. However, we deal primarily in the development of new works, straight plays, improv, and experimental theatre.

What's your origin story?

The Larking House is a grassroots theatre company that was founded as a way to practice and experience live theatre digitally during the Pandemic. Over the last two years as in person theatre has returned, we have shifted primarily to in person programming that challenges the status quo of our local theatre scene.

Since our founding we have workshopped several original works through our groundbreaking digital Playwright's Intensive, fostered a brand new team-based Improv competition, produced a feature length independent film, and helmed our first two instances of live performances to completely sold out audiences.

How is your organization different today?

Having started as a fully online company, we are definitely much different today than we were when we started. We are now a primarily in-person operation and have officially announced our first fully in person season.

What surprises you the most about producing theatre in your community?

Orange County is a great theatre community with a plethora of talent and we are so excited to be in a place that craves the kind of art that we are so enthusiastic about producing,

How would people get more involved with your organization?

Check out our website or send us an email at to inquire about how you can get involved in our upcoming Playwright's Intensive, our Artistic Residency Program, or any of our core productions!

Name one last thing you want people to know about your organization.


November: Playwright's Intensive readings
December: Sustained Release by Matt Mullin

For more information about our upcoming season visit Or follow our instagram @thelarkinghouse


The Larking House

The Larking House is a grassroots theatre company dedicated to providing a home for emerging artists.

We aim to offer our artists and our audiences a truly rich & creative experience with every project we choose to take by fostering unique & unsung ideas, championing bold new works & building a diverse collective of fresh artistic minds.

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