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OC Theatre Guild Roundtable Conversation - Education and Outreach

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The OC Theatre Guild is proud to present a virtual event, gathering a group of local educators of several Orange County theatres, for a discussion how their organizations are responding to the recent events surrounding COVID-19.

This live online event takes place June 12th at 6:30pm, the roundtable conversation is free and can be viewed on the OCTG Facebook page via Facebook Live. Those interested may also participate via Zoom and will have the ability to submit questions live, to the panelists.

The event will run approximately 90 minutes.

The first OCTG Roundtable, with Artistic Directors of local theaters, discussed the future of

theater in our community. This event drew several hundred viewers and participants across the two platforms, with many comments and submitted questions. Overall, it was well-received from membership and after hearing from the participants, Education and Outreach was the next topic people expressed an interest in. The conversation will center around and focus on the efforts of local Orange County theaters providing services and programming to their communities, while we shelter-in-place.

We are pleased to confirm our panelists:

-Dylan Russell, Laguna Playhouse

-Gigi Fusco Meese, 3-D Theatricals

-Hisa Takakuwa , South Coast Repertory

-Karen O’Hanlon, Chance Theater

-Kathleen Switzer, Alchemy Theatre Company

Moderated by Katie Chidester of Project La Femme. Those interested are encouraged to submit questions in advance and the moderator will present them to the roundtable.

“Presenting this discussion with engagement from viewers is another way the Guild can offer a unique service, one that supports our mission to nurture and promote live theatre in Greater Orange County.” says Kristin Campbell, OC Theatre Guild Vice-President, “ And it has pushed us as a service organization to become more savvy about technical options in order to connect with our members”.

OC Theater Guild Roundtable Conversation on Education and Outreach During COVID19

Wednesday June 12th 6:30pm - 8pm

Individuals are free to directly to the moderator and questions they would like to pose to the

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